Lollipop xoxo: Midnight Dawn (Chapter Two)

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Midnight Dawn (Chapter Two)

-Chapter Two- 
 "She Discovered"
*read while the music is playing* 

She opened her eyes. She was at a new place. It was dark, tall trees was everywhere. The ground was full of dry leaves, the moon was bright. She knew she was at a forest, but which forest and how did she get there, she does not know.
     The sound of a twig broken was heard. She turned her head to her right and left side but there was no one there. Just as she turned her head back, a black figure was standing facing her. She sees the figures eyes , it was also red just like hers. She braved herself and let words out ‘Urm, who are you?’ the figure swift fast and stand near her, it was a boy. Around her age but with a very pale looking skin with red eyes , he has fangs too. ‘WHO ARE YOU!’ ask the boy with a hoarse voice. Secret just stood there , she didn’t answer the boy. ‘WHO ARE YOUU!!!!!’ yelled the boy, he was angry because that Secret did not answer his first question. ‘urm .. I’m I’m Secret’ ‘Where are you from?!!!!!!’ ‘Errr London’ she was scared because the boy kept yelling. ‘Who’s your father?!!’ ‘Urmm I don’t have…’ ‘WHO’S YOUR FATHER?!!!’ ‘Errr .. err Dieliyon’ the boy stared her with a curious face. She’s Dieliyon’s daughter ? ask the boy to himself. ‘Urmm I heard that your father was..’ ‘I know.’ They both stopped talking , it was silence .
     Minutes after, the boy apologize for yelling at her, Secret just nods her head. ‘Urm, where am I?’ ask Secret to the boy. ‘We’re at the back of Breallexies castle.’ Breallexies castle? Secret was confuse. How did she even get there, she didn’t even stand or walk or run from her bathroom. Moment of silent, the boy then start to talk again ‘I’m Harry’ Secret just stare at him, does not know what to answer back. ‘What are you doing here? This late at night?’ ask the boy. ‘I don’t know , something weird happened to me just now, my eye colours started to change into red and I started to have fangs and my body hurts so bad then minutes after that , I woke up standing here alone in this forest.’ Cried her, she was still scared. Maybe Harry is a bad guy or something? She thinks.    
     ‘Ohhh, it’s your first change. That’s why.’ Said Harry. ‘My first change?? First change of what?’ ask Secret. ‘You don’t know? It’s a vampire first change. Every vampires child change at their 14th birthday and those pain and shock stuff will not happened in other day. So, then Happy Birthday.’ Smiled Harry, Secret was still in shock. She’s a vampire? Mom never told her before. ‘Then, you must be a vampire too? By the look of your eyes and fangs I can see that.’ Harry nods his head. ‘I’m on duty today.’ ‘Duty?’ ‘Ahh yes, to warn the other vampires of the present of werewolves, wizards and sectra.’ Secret raise her left eyebrow, those creatures does not exist. It’s just a myth. ‘They existed? I thought they were only a myth. Why are you going to warn the others?’ ask Secret. ‘I thought you knew. Urmm, they’re going to attack Breallexies and all of us. I’m don’t actually know why but what I heard is that long time ago wizards, werewolves, sectra and vampires were like a family but when ..’ before Harry finish his talking, he heard footsteps from Secret’s back. ‘When what?’ Harry then quickly shush Secret. ‘Stay close.’ Secret was feeling awkward but she listened to him. It was all silent, then suddenly a scary creatures pounce them, luckily Harry manage to punch the werewolf really hard. The sound of footsteps running was heard. More and more… Harry looked at Secret and hold her hand ‘Run.’ Harry pulled her hand and they were running, it was so fast that Secret almost hit a tree. ‘Where are we going?’ ask Secret , she can hear the sound of wind flowing through her ears. Harry did not answer and continued running.
     The light of the moon brighten their path, she can see through the dark cold forest. It was very weird for her. In front of them stood a very big old brown white castle, they arrived there and stopped. ‘what was that?’ she asked him. Harry takes a breath ‘Werewolves. There’ll be more, I got to warn the others.’ ‘but I , I need to get home.’ ‘oh how. Urmm.. just close your eyes and think of your home then you run , anywhere . you’ll get there in no time. Got to go. See ya!’ Secret was left alone there, like an idiot. She did not know what else to do so she did what was told, but it did not work.
     She was now away from the castle where she was just now, she got to find her way back. When she started to close her eyes again, a sound of vicious breathing from her back. She turned. And there, was a werewolf standing on its four legs looking at her viciously, the eyes she can see there was sadness and angriness , it is yellow and orangy. The werewolf make a one step towards her, as soon as Secret realized that the werewolf is going to pounce at her , she starts to run as fast as she could, forcing herself to imagine home. POOF ! she was home. Safe and sound.


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