Lollipop xoxo: Midnight Dawn (Chapter One)

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Midnight Dawn (Chapter One)

-Chapter One- 
*read while the music is playing* 

She just stood there , tears was falling from her eyes . She holds her baby tightly and cry to herself . Staring out the door where minutes before she and her husband, Dieliyon was laughing and smiling . She couldn’t ask for more , Dieliyon and her baby was her everything .
     As they were laughing and giggling to each other. Suddenly , a group of vicious looking people , with black robes and hoods on their heads came. The moment she sees them, she knew everything was going to be over , them the people with robes was Breallexies peoples .
     Dieliyon was said to be punish for breaking the stone heart law . He was told to be kept in the most deepest part of Breallexies castle which only Breallexies who knows where and who can only open to release him . What frustrated her was Dieliyon last word ‘Keep our baby safetly , I know you can do this alone .’ Lily quickly cut his words ‘I can’t , I can’t’ tears was falling fast from her eyes ‘I can’t do this without you, take me with you . Please !’ Dieliyon stared her with his eyes broken by his tears ‘I’m sorry Lily , I’m really sorry . Just take good care of her, remember this Lily . At her 14th birthday, she’ll transform , she’ll change . Be with her at that time . She’ll be in real pain . I love you both’ he cried . ‘I love you Lily’ he kissed her forehead then turn to face his daughter ‘I love you Secret , you’ll be a mistery to everyone .’ and kissed her forehead , Secret smiled stretching her hand as in wanting her father to hold it .
     ‘Dieliyon, you must go NOW! You and you take him away.’ Two of Breallexies peoples took him , Lily screamed begging for mercy but was ignored . Before her eyes , Dieliyon was now away from her forever . She can only cry .
     She knew why Dieliyon must be punish. Dieliyon is a vampire and she’s a wizard. Vampires and wizards cannot fall in love with each other because from their ancestors they are enemies . But destiny faith Dieliyon and Lily to be together. Ruboss , the wizards head of law have a kind heart and told Lily to keep this as their secret, but Breallexies the stone heart master of  law does not agree with Dieliyon and Lily’s faith. One must be punish and that’s Dieliyon .

11 years later . . .
Secret focusly reading her school history book . She got more history books which is not included in her school studies , she got hundreds of ‘em . That’s what she loves to do since she was at her age of five .
      Secrets reading was stopped by her mom calling her from downstairs to take breakfast, which today is her last day of going to school . She quickly packed her history book in her bag and went downstairs with her mom . ‘Morning mom. What’s for breakfast today?’ smiling , she knows by the smell of her mom’s cooking . It’s her favourite breakfast , sandwhich with mashed potato and mayonnaise inside it .  She went to school after she finished her breakfast .
     Secret is a bit of a quite person, but she’s friendly . She doesn’t have friends at school, she had once but her friend moved away to USA . School ends at 2o’clock, before she went back home . She stopped at the library to do some light reading on her history book .
     At her house , Secret’s mother was busy decorating the house with birthday banners and cakes and foods for them both to celebrate Secret’s 14th birthday .
     Secret got home by seven, she looked up the sky. It was full moon that night which she thinks it is really beautiful and peaceful to her. Just as she enters the house her mom surprised her with a birthday song . Secret was surprised for sure , she didn’t even remember that today was her 14th birthday . Woah, time past by so fast. Said her to herself . As she and her mom was talking about her as a child before , she felt something weird with her body. But she ignored them and continued talking with her mother . The clock was pointing at the number 10 , she was sleepy . She said good night and kissed her mother’s cheek and went upstairs to bed .
     She lays on her bed and closed her eyes , but she can’t sleep by the little pain which started to be a big pain . She tried to ignored them but it was too much , she ran herself to the bathroom and washed her face, the pain was starting to faint a little bit . When she look herself in the mirror , it was very weird that her eye colours changed from green to red, something which bother her so much was that she feels something pointy in her mouth . Opened her mouth , she saw fangs . Fangs like vampires fangs , pointy and sharp . The pain came rushing at her again , she can’t stand it so she yelled loudly calling her mom for help . Her mom came and just she knew , her daughter is changing . ‘Mom , help me . ARGHHHHHHHH!!!’ her mom came rushing towards her ‘I’m sorry I can’t do anything , it’s meant to be like this . Just hold , be strong’ cried her , the pain that’s going through her daughter, she can feel it in her vain . After moments of pain , Secret’s became quite , the pain was gone . Secret’s mom hold her hand firmly then a cold wind swiftly pass her , and by her side which Secret was there before is now gone . She was nowhere to be seen.
     To be continued - 


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