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Vas Happenin'

Betul la apa tu picture cakap . True love will never fade , itulah dari dulu lagi my love for you , never fade away . Eventhough dia fade tapi bukan sepenuhnya . Because i truly love you . Sekarang , yes cinta saya untuk kau semakin pudar gara-2 kita selalu gaduh . Tetapi remember , it'll never fade fully . I always wish that you would make an effort to stay but i guess that's just another 'won't came true wish ' of mine . It's okay , love cannot be force . Gosh , SERIOUSLY OCTOBER IS THE WORST MONTH EVER TT_TT


Tadi kami battle of the band di St.martin . Out of 3 bands , we're the number 3 winners . We didn't have much time to practice , and that time the guitar had a technical problem . Aishhh . nevermind , next year we'll blast the stage . HWAITING !


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