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Upcoming !

So , hey there .. It's been a very long time since i've post anything right ? so here's the upcoming thing . Before before this , I always post an unfinished stories right ? well , this time i'm not going to do those old same thing anymore . This time i'm going to finish this story of mine . WHICH WILL HAVE AN ENDING this time . haha ... so the title is "Midnight Dawn" same as the old one that i made before but with a slight of change .

Synopsis :

After breallexies captured Dieliyon (Secret's father) because he have broke the stone heart law by marrying a wizard (Lily), Secret found out that she was a half vampire wizard at her 14th birthday . Everything change since that , she discovered a lot of untold secret at her Ruboss preparation for mortal creatures with her three friends, Caleb, Liam and Emma . 


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